Life is like Youtube. Everything we do, we get comment from people. They share it to other people. And they’ll decide to like us or dislike.


As I do not have a lot of brainpower tonight to devote to blogging some profound, thought provoking piece, I decided to share with you my top 5 favorite youtube channels.


These guys started it all for me. Brothers John and Hank Green began this channel a few years back when they decided to go a year without text-filled communication. Soon, people caught on and began watching there video messages to each other and a community was born; the Nerdfighters. The brothers are hilarity personified, as they go through their videos showing off their rock hard nerd core awesomeness. Often, they try to approach topics that no one else would attempt toward a teen filled audience, and they do so with grace, clarity, and the ever present entertainment factor that they bring each time the step in front of a camera. You guys should definitely check them out.


I mentioned her in yesterday’s post, but I feel she deserves a place on this list. Jackson is an author of several books, many of which are retelling of classic fairytale in a modern light.  I have only read her first book, Sister’s Red, but I can tell you it was pretty awesome, in fact I read it all in one night, staying up to five am and abandoning any rational thoughts of sleep. It was that good. Her youtube videos are funny, insightful, and downright awesome. I wish more people knew about her, for I always look forward to seeing her videos.

3. Charlie McDonnell

Oh, Charlie. This vlogger is the most adorable, humble, seemingly awkward person, but these qualities are the perfect balance for what he does. He puts an extreme amount of time and effort into his videos, and thus they are a very high quality of work, though they don’t always come out in a reasonable amount of time. But when your only complaint about someone is how often they put out their amazing work, they definitely deserve some attention. Watch him, even if its for nothing else but to be serenaded by his swoon-worthy English accent.

4. Dan Rezler

Dan is another adorable vlogger, but adorable in the funny yet scientifically and wonderfully geeky. His videos are also educational for the most part, and are always a joy to watch. Plus, he too has a great voice.

5. Alex Goot

Speaking of great voices, my number five choice on youtube vloggers is one that is less vlog more music. Alex Goot does amazing covers of popular songs, doing them 100 percent better than the original artists could ever dream of singing them, as well as some original music. He is an amazing musician, and is one of those artists that I can just watch his entire playlist and I will love every song and video.  Plus, he too is adorably geeky.


Through my Eyes

Well that’s all for now guys, so until next time, Keep on Dreaming