Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.  ~Norman Vincent Peale


Okay guys, I kind of sorta almost really forgot about the blog. 8*S Oops. Okay well, first of all…… Merry Christmas Eve…. in three minutes….but whatever. I can’t wait! Anyone else out there excited? Oh wait, stupid question, you all are. One of my friends… no wait…. two….if you really count one of them as a friend…(They’re twins) got to celebrate the holiday on Wednesday with their mom and then again tomorrow with their dad. So lucky! I’m so glad to be on break, I swear as soon as teachers hear the words ‘holiday season’ they start thinking of all the tests they can load on us before we go.  Ugg. And then when we get back to school in January, I have to take a bunch of finals. That’s smart isn’t it, let’s quiz the kids on how well we taught them after they have been distracted by gifts and tinsel and wreaths and have forgotten everything they’ve learned in the last semester. Yah so this is why most kids do wonderfully in school.

The week before school got out, three kids in my school got arrested for drug possession.  One of them, was caught because she put pot and this drug that makes you hallucinate into brownies and handed them out to kids…. let’s just say that she is now spending quality time in juvie for the next year. It was her fourth offense. This year. My mom says she’s worried about my class. I wonder why? Oh well, let all the people make their own choices.

Oo! Something good that happened that week was I finally convinced my Creative writing teacher to allow me to use my nano as my final project! I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy, and I really need to write. On another topic, I am currently endeavoring to read Oliver Twist. Alright so its not a bad book; in fact it’s pretty good, but it would be a heck of a lot better if Dickens would stop breaking the fourth wall. It’s so incredibly annoying. I’m all like… dude, come on, get to the point! Now this is not to say that all books that have broken said fourth wall are bad; I’ve read some pretty amazing ones, but when the author goes on rant…. it’s time to stop that style of writing. Let’s just say that I pray for good normal books on Christmas morning. Please please please please. *Gets down on hands and knees and begs for the one I asked for* If I don’t get it, I may die. It’s the last book in this series that I read this summer, and the last book ended with the main character getting framed for murdering the queen and is faced with possible execution. Eeek! Must. Read. Last. Book.

I have to say that I am pretty lucky this year. We have hardly any snow! Yay! One of my friends would kill me if she saw that. She is absolutely stuck on the idea that she is going to get me to go sledding with here. Whatever, sorry to break it to you, but that will not happen. I hate snow. At least I hate going out in it and feeling the icy wetness of it. The view of fresh fallen snow in the morning; untouched by humans, and colored lights peaking through the glittering white…. well there’s nothing like it. No matter how much I explain this to her; she still believes that she can get me to willingly wreck that *sigh*

Well that’s all for now, so until I can post again; Merry Christmas, and keep dreaming &*)   (especially of sugar plums ;*})