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My Masochistic Mind

A film is – or should be – more like music than like fiction. It should be a progression of moods and feelings. The theme, what’s behind the emotion, the meaning, all that comes later.
Stanley Kubrick


I have read, in several places, that one way to learn how to plot well, is to dissect the movies you watch. Like my choice in reading materials, often my movie experiences are emotional roller coasters.  What can I say, I’m a masochist at heart. Last night I went on a netflix rampage. I should add here, dear readers, that I usually try to avoid that website at all costs. As much of a time drain that youtube is, at the end of the day, Youtube videos are generally only around four minutes long. Netflix holds movies and entire series at the click of a mouse with no interruptions beside the occasional slow browser. I have an addictive personality guys. Entire weeks can be lost to Netflix. I certainly do not need that right now. 


None the less, I willing stepped into the quicksand. I began with Ted Talks. I don’t know if I have mentioned my recent obsession with these, but let me tell you, when I get started on these, it never ends quickly, or without some sort of guilt for not devoting all my time to saving the world or something. Of course I want to save the world. I just don’t know how to do it. Anyway, after I had crawled my way through those like a whipped puppy, I found myself staring of the cliff of the long, dangerous fall, that is a tear-jerk-er Hallmark movie. This one, The Shunning. took place in an Amish community. We followed a girl, Katie, who was about to be wed to the local Bishop. When we first meet Katie, we see her sneaking off to find a hidden guitar, an object that would not please her people. Later, she learns she is adopted, and decides she can’t go through with the wedding. 


I became so attached to Katie that I was crying for the last solid thirty minutes of the movie. She was real to me. The movie makers had perfectly kept up that essential suspension of belief. I want my characters to be like that; to be so real, not only to me, but to anyone who may read my work. For the most part, my characters are real to me. They have unique voices, appearances, back stories, thoughts… everything that real people have. I just wonder if that is displayed to those around me.


Anyway, I began this cry fest following my walk home in a whirlwind of cotton infested air from my job. We were in the actual pool today, and I spent my two hours with my head stuck in various confined spaces along with mold and multiple, various cleaning supplies. Needless to say, by the end of the night, my head was not feeling so well. Twenty minutes and six ibuprofen later (I generally take Excedrin for I’m all but immune to the healing affects of most headache medicine; thus the upped dosage) I was on my way to dreamland.


I had a very interesting dream last night, and it was similar in style to ones I’ve had multiple times before. I was in a building very similar to the church I was born into… I was looking for something, but also I got the feeling that I was running from something else and trying to escape. My main obstacle in doing this however was the slew of stairs that never led the way I thought they were going to and were utterly confusing. At one point I began following a wiener dog up the stark white, wooden stairs, but he led me farther astray than I was when I was alone. I woke up right as I reached the top of the stairs and came to a balcony which overlooked a thirty story building. I felt trapped and realized that the only way down was through the stairs or to jump. My eyes opened to reality before I made this decision. I have no idea what that was about. I’d blame it on the meds and fumes if not for the similarities to other dreams I’ve had.


I rolled over and grabbed my phone only to find five new text messages from my Spanish partner asking which vocab words I had on my section of our script. That was a great thought to wake up to. I have a strong, passionate hate for that class, and I didn’t want to begin my Sunday that way. Oh well, it needed to be done.  


Now that I’m typing this I’m listening to a selection of John Mayer songs on Youtube while smelling the baked potatoes in the oven for lunch. I don’t want to even think about all the homework I have to do today, but I don’t have a choice. Again, I’m thanking the good Lord that I don’t have school tomorrow.

Through my Eyes



Well that’s all for now guys. So until next time, Keep on Dreaming &*)

~ Rose


They danced the dance of the outcasts for the outcasts who watched them, amid the louring trees, with a blizzard coming on.


Ah yes, you heard right, my brother is still here. And why? Because of the stupid sideways flying snow. Grr. And you’d think that I could wake up just one winter morning without the stupid icy white stuff out there. Okay so maybe it wasn’t exactly “morning” when I awoke, or at least got up. I was too caught up in keeping my dream going. It was a good dream and I was like in a chase or something…… I’m not sure.

Anyway, my late slumber could have also been attributed in part by my late night fight with itunes. I feel…..REALLY……stupid.  So my sis got me a fifteen dollar gift card for itunes for Christmas. Great gift seeing as how I am in love with music. Right? Yeah, but this was my very first one and she was gone off to work and so I tried to do it myself. I pressed the ‘redeem’ but on the itunes store like the back of the card told me to and i filled out the number of the back. A little pop up box informed me that I had to sign in in order to use said gift card. *sigh* I’m new to the whole thing and had put off registering for a couple of months so I filled out all the information, clicked on the verify button on the email and tried to log in. I say that because I couldn’t get it to let me in. I put in my email and the correct password but it kept saying that I had typed something wrong. I tried to get a new password by saying I forgot and everything i could think of. After two hours I was incredibly frazzeled because OMG I just lost fifteen dollars. I tried to sign in one more time and can you guess what i had done wrong? I bet you can’t. And this is why I feel like an idiot….. I kept putting a comma after my email address. *headdesk* Such a simple mistake for such a large amount of wasted time. But hey, we all get at least one free blond moment a week right? Some (like me) have them more frequently then others. After that I spent time shopping for songs and blew all that money. All this fiasco ended with was fifeteen songs and a clock flashing a neon green 1:00.

Ya I’m smart. I just finished having a movie night with my sister. Our eyes were graced by the wonders of Knight and Day and Easy A. Both were good, but I like Easy A better. I highly suggest you all view it. It’s hilarious, and an all around good movie. With out further procrastination, I need to read (okay need is a bit of an exaggeration, i want to) and write on my other story before my friend hunts me down and strangles me for not adding to it for two months. oops. oh well.

Goodbye for now and Keep on Dreaming! &*)