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“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” -Andre Gide
Sorry I didn’t post yesterday guys, but I had a bit of a packed schedule. The beginning of that, after school of course, was quite a big change for me. One of my sister’s friends works up at a hair salon in a big city a few hours away, and she was in town for the week for a wedding. While she was here my sister set up an appointment for me to get my hair cut. It’s really short; barely touching my shoulders. I’ve never had it this short because my dad has a thing against us cutting our hair *eye roll* which is why he is currently both pissed off and not speaking to us. I don’t care, I love the way it looks, and I got lots of complements from people at school. According to my crush, the second person to comment, “it looks nice. Good… really good.” Of course blushing soon ensued. But oh, it was worth it 🙂

This is the mark of the changes that will be happening over the next few years. Already I have had my first job application, interview, turn down, and acceptance, along with my first bank account and State Id (which I have yet to get the plastic, official version of.) This summer I’m looking forward the additional freedoms that a job will bring. Plus, three of my good friends are lifeguards so we get to see each other a lot. I also plan to spend a lot of time walking around town and going to the park and such. I want a tan, and just in general, out of the freaking house whose walls have become  like prison bars in my mind more each day.

Looking past that, I also plan to start applying to colleges soon, which will take up a good portion of my time and is sure to cause rifts in the family ties. My father thinks I’m going to the one closest to our town, boy will he be surprised to learn that that is my last plan, my fallback if everything else falls through. Before college my best friend and I plan to take a summer long road trip up the west coast. This is yet another plan to which my father is blissfully unaware.

In other news, Camp nano starts today, and I have yet to write anything on it. I’m headed that way now, as soon as I finish this post. I have the basic outline started, but I’m so nervous to start. This is try number two. We’ll see how it goes. Wish me luck!

Through my Eyes

Well that’s all for now guys. So until next time, Keep on Dreaming &*)



The Return of the Blogger

“Many people hear voices when no-one is there. Some of them are called mad and are shut up in rooms where they stare at the walls all day. Others are called writers and they do pretty much the same thing.”
((((((First off and for most I would like to make an announcement that I have my first subscriber! *Insert fan-girl squeals and hopping up and down here* You know who you are and thank-you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…..(Three hours later)…ooooooooooooooo much! (take big gasp of breath) Now back to you normally scheduled programming.))))))
Hello again blog. Long time no see (or write). I have come to the conclusion that my mind is total mush. All ability to think those analytical type of thought has flown out the window with the sixty + miles-per-hour wind that has recently flooded my home city/town/place. Which I suppose, for the purpose of Spring Break, is fine…. But I start back at school tomorrow and am not sure how well all this is actually going to work out. So here’s to giving my friends a little enjoyment at watching my unthinkingness (It’s a word now :p)
Spring break. The phrase brings about a yearning picture of sun, beaches, swimming, ect. One of many breaks that the school children find themselves unconsciously counting down the days for; spring fever runs amuck attacking every soul who dares to hope for a small relief of their ordinary school-week schedule. And though no matter how much we over think the wondrous, dare I say magical, possibilities of this week, we are almost always let down. Now as I find myself curled up in this stupidly broken recliner, tapping out my thoughts onto this keyboard, and glowering out of my large living-room window at the two inches of fresh snow that have recently drifted down from the heavens, I have that terrible sinking feeling that there will be many more breaks just like this one. And I have forced myself once again to vow never to string such high expectations on a silly little week again… I will fail at this though. I, as most of us do, know the great pleasure that comes from “Planning” out how my mini-vacation will come about. Saying this I have no doubt that come next break my imagination’s hand crank will begin to turn on autopilot as the mystical opportunities stretch before its eyes with child-like wonder.
Now if you have ever read one of my other posts, you would know that the quotes up top generally set off the tone of the entire ‘article’. Well what I was referring to my amazingly super-unstoppable *~*“Writer’s Block”*~* (Insert chilling music here: dun dun dun dun…..) *audience gasp, filled with fear for their own creative outlet* My ode to this retarded road bump began early last Saturday and has not failed to hold steady until…. Today. *Sighs* a whole week wasted. Or so I thought. But in retrospect I can see how helpful this little nuisance was, for in my ingenious attempts to thwart *~*his*~* dastardly leachyness (Again my word: I don’t care about grammar at the moment) I did many a thing that would not have been possible had I been chained to my laptop all week. I cooked, cleaned, did a LOT of yoga, walked/ran on my treadmill, played with my dog, hopelessly stalked the Nano forums (both YWP{Young writers program} and regular), read, watched movies, discovered how to fix green tea that that it doesn’t taste like an herb filled water (Just add milk) listened to endless amounts of music, created a family tree for my MC(Main Character) in my Nano Novel, and gave my *~*Story Dreamer*~* much to think about. So all and all my week was… okay.
One thing that I have learned from all of this is what should be a written rule somewhere Thou shall not cook whilst thy mind is mush.(Unless of course it’s three A.M) It’s a good general rule to live by.(Switch to third person)
At first she started simple, warm up some leftovers she thought to herself. Easy enough for any fool… or at least that’s what she tried to convince herself. The sad truth was that poor Rose was not just any fool. When attempting to remove the bowl of food from the microwave, she found herself ‘forgetting’ that the dish would be hot causing her to reach in, grab it and promptly drop it to the floor. This action sent her into a spiraling furry of a race to trap her and her brother’s dogs into the master bedroom in hopes of stopping their quest to eat and get the porcelain stuck into every cranny of their paws. At the same time she went into robotic motions as she scooped, swept, and mopped the floor surrounding the crime scene, all before the pups had opportunity to go ‘potty’ all over the nice hardwood floors. Rose succeeded, but just barely; and after this ordeal she surrendered to the skipping of that meal.
The next day at the strike of noon (or shortly thereafter) Rose found herself looking at another strikingly simple task; cook canned chili. After opening the can and dumping the contents into a small metal pan over a medium-high stovetop heat, the beautiful hypnotizing procrastination powers of The YWP Nano forums sucked her in, erasing every thought of watching and stirring the cooking goop…. That is until she smelt the putrid aroma of burned chili smoke and caked on charcoaled chili. Rose was forced to start over. Following shortly after came the idea to make boxed brownies for her sister and parents who had taken advantage of the break to go gallivanting to who knows where in the country while she stayed at home taking care of the house and dog. After they were ready and cooled, Rose covered the pan with foil and place it in the microwave for ‘safe keeping.’ Promptly after this, her brother (who had recently moved back into some house around the Rose’s town) with his radar for baked-goods came stomping into her house. He slammed open the microwave door and continued to devour the entire 9 x 9 pan within the hour and without any further thought of who they were truly meant for.
Later that night (Or technically the next morning for it was near two A.m) due to her usual insomniatic habits, Rose decided to put in one last desperate attempt to cook her family (Not her bro) a welcome home gifts. By four in the morning the Magic Cookie Bars were prepared, cooked, cooled, and covered and Rose found herself warmly wrapped in the blankets of her bed.
The next morning Rose brings the 13×9 pan of Marshmallow-coconut-semi-sweet-and-white-chocolate-grahamcrackery-goodness to her room, placing it on her bed (the only available spot to put it) and shutting the door ‘securely’ behind her. Little did she know (remember) her door was unable to latch properly. Her dog on the other hand did, and he scratched it open and consumed the entire pan. (end of third person story) As you can tell, I wasn’t having much luck with the kitchen.
The above symbols appeared in the text referring to my personification of my Inner Editor, Spell checker, Story Dreamer, and Writer’s block.
• My Inner Editor is a guy named Tom. He has chocolate brown medium length (for a guy) hair, always wears a black suit, white dress suit red tie and really shiny black suit, has jade green eyes, wears black Clark Kent style glasses, is twenty seven and always has coffee in a white china mug. Sometimes he gets really annoying, but I love and couldn’t live without his help.
• My Story Dreamer is amazing. She has shiny pitch black straight hair that has rainbow tips, bangs and is shoulder length. She is short to the extreme, loves wearing all kinds of wacky clothes, especially dresses, always has on these shiny bright red heals, always has on a crescent moon shaped pendent necklace, and is completely covered in glitter. Oh, and her eyes are rainbow too.
• My Spell Checker is a slacker, and has not appeared for five years. I think he’s lost, gone completely MIA , and I can’t seem to remember what he looks like.
• My Writers block is an evil dark greenish-black tar-like creature that leaches on to my head and scrambles my brain, making it nearly impossible to write a word.
And that’s all for now. So until the next post Keep On Dreaming &*)

They danced the dance of the outcasts for the outcasts who watched them, amid the louring trees, with a blizzard coming on.


Ah yes, you heard right, my brother is still here. And why? Because of the stupid sideways flying snow. Grr. And you’d think that I could wake up just one winter morning without the stupid icy white stuff out there. Okay so maybe it wasn’t exactly “morning” when I awoke, or at least got up. I was too caught up in keeping my dream going. It was a good dream and I was like in a chase or something…… I’m not sure.

Anyway, my late slumber could have also been attributed in part by my late night fight with itunes. I feel…..REALLY……stupid.  So my sis got me a fifteen dollar gift card for itunes for Christmas. Great gift seeing as how I am in love with music. Right? Yeah, but this was my very first one and she was gone off to work and so I tried to do it myself. I pressed the ‘redeem’ but on the itunes store like the back of the card told me to and i filled out the number of the back. A little pop up box informed me that I had to sign in in order to use said gift card. *sigh* I’m new to the whole thing and had put off registering for a couple of months so I filled out all the information, clicked on the verify button on the email and tried to log in. I say that because I couldn’t get it to let me in. I put in my email and the correct password but it kept saying that I had typed something wrong. I tried to get a new password by saying I forgot and everything i could think of. After two hours I was incredibly frazzeled because OMG I just lost fifteen dollars. I tried to sign in one more time and can you guess what i had done wrong? I bet you can’t. And this is why I feel like an idiot….. I kept putting a comma after my email address. *headdesk* Such a simple mistake for such a large amount of wasted time. But hey, we all get at least one free blond moment a week right? Some (like me) have them more frequently then others. After that I spent time shopping for songs and blew all that money. All this fiasco ended with was fifeteen songs and a clock flashing a neon green 1:00.

Ya I’m smart. I just finished having a movie night with my sister. Our eyes were graced by the wonders of Knight and Day and Easy A. Both were good, but I like Easy A better. I highly suggest you all view it. It’s hilarious, and an all around good movie. With out further procrastination, I need to read (okay need is a bit of an exaggeration, i want to) and write on my other story before my friend hunts me down and strangles me for not adding to it for two months. oops. oh well.

Goodbye for now and Keep on Dreaming! &*)

Books and Batteries

I would be most content if my children grew up to be the kind of people who think decorating consists mostly of building enough bookshelves.  ~Anna Quindlen, “Enough Bookshelves,” New York Times, 7 August 1991


Yes, I did manage to get to Hastings last night, but not by the way of my brother. He came home from meeting some friends at two and collapsed on the couch. Turns out he had a 100.7 fever L poor thing. But my sister did offer to take me there in exchange for me making dinner (our parents were away shopping in a nearby bigger town) it was an easy trade off. I made her cheeseburger sliders and some waffle fries. Simple, but she was happy and I got to go buy books 8^D yay! So it turns out they were having a sale on all used book (I was looking at them anyway because they’re cheaper than others.) And I found five fairly big books and got them all for twenty dollars! Plus, three of those were hardback. I was, needless to say for a book geek like me, thrilled! I almost got one more, but it was a diary book, and I absolutely loath those. So here are my new books.

1.      Tamar: a novel of espionage, passion, and betrayal by Mal Peet (Hardback)

2.      Black Duck by Janet Taylor Lisle (paperback; smallest book)

3.      Dance of the Assassins by Herve Jubert (Hardback)

4.      Breathe My Name by R.A. Nelson (Paperback)

5.      What I Meant by Marie Lamba (Hardback)

Then there are the two I got for Christmas.

1.      Midnight Rider by Joan Haitt Harlow (great book; read it three times Paperback)

2.      Last Sacrifice by Richelle Mead (The one I was wishing for! Hardback)

I love books. Yes these should keep me busy for at least a weak (maybe a little less) who knows. The great news is that I have twenty more dollars in my purse and that’s enough to buy five more used ones! That is of course, only if I can convince somebody to take me there again before the sale ends *crosses fingers* I can’t wait until I get my license and can drive myself places; my dad has a rule that since my sister didn’t get hers until she was seventeen and a half a can’t either. Even though my brother got his at sixteen and my sister would love to not have to drive me around everywhere. *sigh* I’m working on my powers of persuasion but I’m not sure if he’ll cave.

I feel bad though, because the cost of my trip to the store was my sister’s battery dyeing.  I accidentally left the door open which slowly drained the life out of the poor car.  You see, it was icy and snowy and sleety and I was on a curb, next to which is ankle-twisting-rock-beds; she was threatening to lock me out. Thus I was in a hurry. It was her fault really :^S alright, fine, it was my own, but a girl can try to advert the blame right? At least that’s what I tell myself. Her car is resilient though I mean come on she set the engine on fire at a gas station, backed it into a trash can, this little mishap, and it’s still working. Geez.

The fruits of my parents’ strenuous labor (Also known as shopping) and my utterly influential mom were all taken from the wonderful event of Bath and Body Works’ After Christmas sale!  Every girls’ heaven, I swear.  Well this little trip (Though we do have a store here; my town isn’t that small) was a big bottle of Sweet Pea lotion, two sweet pea hand sanitizers, and a large moonlight path perfume for me; plus several bottles of things for herself. 8*) what’s even better is that she “forgot” *Coughpurposefullydidn’tgetcough* the Sweet Pea perfume so we’re going to be forced to go back to retrieve some bottles and a few other select items without my dad going. Could I have the luck to drag her there and to Hastings again in one shopping outing? We’ll see.

Tomorrow, we will be forced to drive my dear brother to the airport (which is located in the town my parents went shopping) and see him off and bid farewell. Sad, his stay here went by all too quickly, but I’d be willing to wager that his angel of a dog will be glad to be rescued from her prison holding cell. (A.K.A The Kennel *Bum bum bum bum*) Okay so ‘angel’ is stretching it a little bit, she’s a handful and has my full respect. Miss. Ginger is a beagle (white with brown spots) whom my brother saved from the pound about five months ago. Not only is she adorable, but she brings out a good side in my brother that’s rarely seen. Her latest adventures have included: chewing up the carpet in her apartment, claiming the bed as her own, chewing holes in one sock of every pair he own, and gobbling her dog food scoop. You can tell whose really in charge of that house hold.

Well, that’s all for now, thanks for reading folks, and keep on dreaming &*)

I’m ba-ack

I would hurl words into this darkness and wait for an echo, and if an echo sounded, no matter how faintly, I would send other words to tell, to march, to fight, to create a sense of hunger for life that gnaws in us all.  ~Richard Wright, American Hunger, 1977


Holiday’s over  L but the memories and bright feelings of Christmas still remain. So I got the book I so desperately wanted 😀 and finished it yesterday at about two (It was only six-hundred pages) It was amazing….. the absolute perfect ending to a great series. I’m sad to see it end. *sigh* well as it turns out, my best friend and I got nearly all the same things for Christmas.. just goes to show you how alike we truly are :^P

I am so excited to have my family back together under one roof. My big bro is staying in town until Wednesday, at which point he’ll be forced to return to his own town and reenter the working world. But for now, I can just enjoy seeing him again. Today, he is taking me to our local Hastings so I can endeavor burn through the forty dollars of gift card money I have in order purchase so good reading material before I must return my eyes and mind to the “books” they have in the room they call a “library” at my school. It’s a pathetic excuse for one. This is also where I get to make my drama/English teacher really mad at me.  She has this stupid rule that we must ask her if it is okay to read a non AR book before we are allowed to read it. I’m sorry, but there’s no chance on this earth that she will be able to stop me from reading the books I want on Christmas Vacation. It is and will always be my choice. And this is why I can no longer claim to be a teacher’s pet; I would say that to her face if she tries to punish me for it.

Other than that I really have no plans for my day (well there is always reading the books I buy) 8) and more than likely helping my mom around the house or playing with my dog. (He is currently sniffing the front door anxiously awaiting the return of my missing family members. Or in his mind ‘guarding’ the door from all the evil that may enter through it) What I really need to do is write. I have my final project/nanovel to finish, but I am currently stuck. I have planned (mentally and I’m open to other ideas) what’s going to be happening and I know precisely how it will end. The problem? I’m not sure how to get there right now….. though honestly, killing off another character probably wouldn’t hurt. And this thought pattern folks is why my writing friend calls me a ‘character serial killer’  But come on! I have only killed nine and a half (one came back to life) named characters, and am planning on killing several dozen unnamed ones. That’s not that many! (muhahahaha) Okay, maybe it is, but I have too much fun. [:#{) This state of mind is also why I won’t write if I am in a bad mood. One bad day could send my book world’s death count into a dangerous catastrophic spiral. (I.e. it would be the end of the world as I know it.) I don’t want that any more than my characters would; leaves for a messy clean up. (:^S Ha.

Okay so that’s all for now, until next time friends; Dream on &*)