So I got this idea from a Nano Forum game, I will write out a R.I.P. for all the characters I have killed so far
in my current book “Out of the Shadows”.


RIP Jacob Evans, Nick Anthony Caborn and Jonathon Thomas Brown
Oh, my three murdered fathers from the last book. You play an important part in this one, though you are dead. I know that all you ever wanted was to stop being a part of the mafia’s actions, but you know the rules, blood in blood out. I’m sorry for leaving your children behind, and know that they will be fine, and I’m sorry to Nick for having your wife be unfaithful with Jonathon. I promise all of you that your deaths will be properly avenged by the end of this story.

RIP Lisa and Albert Midnight
You were killed before your time, and before this story began, and I’m truly sorry that I made it take so long for your daughter to be let in on that you were dead, and how it had happened.

RIP Aunt Jaycee
Though I never got a chance to develop your character, since you died before the story, I still feel the pain of your loved ones.

RIP Marshal Midnight.
My poor MC’s twin. I’m sorry that I had to kill you before this story began; you were only trying to save your sister. Also, I’m sorry for all the times I have and will kill you in Liana’s nightmares, and for not letting your soul rest easy. You will be forever remembered.

RIP Shawn Dethrone
I hated you at first, and I know you haven’t died yet, but it is quite an essential that you do. You are messed up, but you’ve never known how to act right (How could you? being born into the mob and all) and I know that through all your faults, you love Liana more than anything, I’m sorry for this and what will happen right after your death. *cough, cough*

RIP Daniel Evans, but only for a few seconds.
I’m terribly sorry about having to kill you my dear, and for doing it in such a painful way. Nobody should have to die by the hands of your loves angry lover by being stabbed in the gut and without being with your one true love. I know I’ve given you a hard life, but I do love you with all of my heart. I swear that you will be revived with a second chance of love. Once again I’m sorry.

RIP all of the mob members caught in the cross fire
I’m not sorry for killing you, you shouldn’t have gotten in my way. Or joined the mob for that matter.