About me? Well, I enjoy long walks on the beach and sunsets. Just kidding (I had to do it).Actually, I’m a Christian. My favorite colors are blue, green, and sometimes purple. I adore quotes (If you don’t believe me, please note the 316 pages of picture quotes that I have save on word. :p) I have the worlds most amazing (and unbelievable friends) and have a love-hate relationship with school. I am a writer, spinning words into sentences, paragraphs, pages, and books is one of my greatest loves. I make my own jewelry. Love love love smiley faces 8*D. Music is a near constant in my life. No, i don’t have the skill to play anything, but I love listening to it. I have a rabbit and a dog. A brother and a sister (all over this land {great song, if you know what I’m referring to}) I  obsessively redecorate my room every few months, and love to read. Also, I am a known bookworm. And, I love dreams (be they sleeping or awake)  There’s not much else I can think right now, though I’m sure as soon as this is posted I’ll think of something. &*)