“Some people blame our generation, but have they ever stopped to think, who raised us?”


So i just got home from drama practice and I have to say that i just really don’t like this teacher. I don’t know, i guess she’s okay, but she just doesn’t listen. You have to do it her way, or no way, you know? It’s so annoying! Adults always say that we don’t listens, but when do they ever listen to us?

Anyway, last night, I just had one of those nights that has you counting down until the day you turn eighteen. I don’t know about you guys, but sometimes, I really hate adults. They just don’t get that we are responsible enough to do things on our on, and they get mad at the fact that your always in your room. Honestly, I can handle them being upset with me, but when they actually have the nerve to order me to stay out in the living room and not go in my room or I’ll get my cell-phone taken away; that is when they really bug me.

What I really love, is my friends. I can come to school all upset and angry, and within ten minutes they’ll have me laughing my head off. I swear, they are awesome. During lunch, I had my camera with me, so we all spent the entire time taking goofy pictures of each other. I have this one of one of the guys jumping on one of the others back in order to tackle him to the ground. I can’t wait to get those printed up! Oh and during math I had four friends in the class and we were all hyper and giggling. Eventually the jocks yelled at us to shut up. The Jocks! Like they have any room to talk. 🙂

In science, (and trust me, this is one of the only times you’ll hear me talk about that class, I hate the subject) we are learning about the Universe and got to see pictures of auroras from other planets. Oh, they are soooooo pretty! Also, there’s an eclipse on December 21, don’t forget to check it out.

Alright,  now I really have to stop procrastinating.  I have a short story to finish, math, and science. So until next time, Keep on dreaming &*)